a project by Mali Weil

Forests is an artistic research focused on the conceptual space of the forest, identifying it as the physical, historical and narrative environment which shaped our juridical language and which -more than others- questions the concept of citizenship and our current political imagination.

The forest is forge of relationships with otherness: it unveils that magical-linguistic principle, which submits all of us to notions like individual, state, nature, city...


Forests is conceived as a polyphonic and layered afforestation process, made by several episodes and by clusters of activities connecting artistic production and research to outline social dreaming practices.

It is comprised of different episodes: a performance series, a film, and some open schools opening temporarily upon invitation.


This website will be an archive in progress of the research and the outcomes as well of the project.

DATES (so far)

30.4.2019 Trento Film Festival (IT) - Forests | Recomposing

14>16.8.2019 SAAL Biennaal Tallinn (EE) - Forests | Unlearning

17.8.2019 Massia (EE) - Forests | Recomposing

20/10/2019 Ex Villaggio Eni Borca di Cadore - Forests | Recomposing

11.2019/02.2020 PAV Torino (IT) - Forests | Temporary School with secondary school students 

7>8.2.2020 PAV Torino - Forests | Experimenting

02.2020 DAMU Prague (CZ) - Forests | Temporary School at DAMU Performing Arts Academy

Summer 2020 Centrale Fies Festival (IT)

May 2019 Centrale Fies (IT)
June 2019 Centrale Fies (IT)
August 2019 Kanuti Gildi Saal (EE)

Spring 2020 Centrale Fies (IT)

  • "The forest is not only a conceptual space which forces us for a redefinition of our notion of citizenship, but it is -at the same time- our constant story telling about this space."
    "My word for forest is not a place, but a muddle of relationships that can happen everywhere, as long as all these relationships create livability and new forms of citizenships."


    mali weil

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